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Breaking Up with Your Hairdresser...Dos and Don'ts...

Posted by: Blown Staff on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 12:00:00 am

Women (and some men) have a very special relationship with their hair stylist. You see him or ever couple of months, talk about your lives and develop a special connection, and leave more beautiful than you came into the salon. It's almost like therapy!

But what happens when you're just not feeling it anymore? You haven't liked your last couple of haircuts, or the color just isn't what you want? If you think you want to make a change, here are some Do's and Don'ts to make it a little easier…on both you and your stylist.

DO be talking about your hair issues and concerns at every appointment. Every appointment should start with a consultation.

DO be honest and up front. Most hair stylists want to make you happy…give them the opportunity to do that by speaking up.

DO be honest. Don't say you liked your last haircut or color when you really didn't, just to spare his or her feelings.

DON'T feel like you're being taken for granted.

BUT, sometime's it's just not working and you need a change.

Do give them all the information. Have you given them a chance to make you happy?

DO Be polite. Be courteous. You enjoyed the time they worked with you, but you think you need to make a change.


DON'T just disappear…they'll wonder what happened to you. It hurts worse to have you disappear than to be honest about moving on. 


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