Oscar, Stylist

image of Oscar, StylisOscar, our dear friend and consummate professional, passed away October 1, 2018. We will miss his passion and his friendship. Oscar, we love you, rest in peace. 

Oscar was born in Cuba and came to the US in 1966, settling in south Florida. He graduated Cosmetology School in 1987 and has worked in salons ever since. Throughout his employment in Florida, Oscar served as an assistant to hairdressers, gaining experience along the way. It was not until he arrived in Northern Virginia and applied at Blown…the Salon, that he worked for an employer that changed his life with his patience and kindness. Mason encouraged him to push forward and become more confident. Oscar gets such pleasure from seeing each client leave the salon with not on a smile, but with professional service they are eager to tell their friends about. His position and Blown…the Salon make him proud and excited to pursue his passion as a stylist.